Unblock Your Purpose®

The first-ever 12-week HypnoBreathwork® course that clears subconscious blocks to discover your life's purpose!

Do you feel stuck, empty or unfulfilled?

Even if from the outside looking in, you have a successful life?

Are you ready to discover a breakthrough method to reach your full potential as a human being, in your career, wealth, and relationships… without letting fear stop you from moving forward...

With this method, you'll discover the one thing you intuitively feel missing. Your purpose.


what your life would look like if you knew you were on the "right path" to your full potential...

watching negative self-talk dissolve before your eyes, so you live your life full of love and abundance…

healing past childhood traumas and breaking old relationship patterns that keep you from connecting with others on a deeper level...

no longer being blocked from your life's true purpose…



"One transformational breathwork session is equivalent to two years of psychotherapy."​

I get you! I felt the same way after I got my dream promotion on Google.

Read More About My Personal Journey

Let me quickly tell you who I am…
and how a journey across the globe helped me stumble onto a life-changing breakthrough.

I’m a certified breathwork coach and hypnotherapist.

I used to be an intense New Yorker working my way up the corporate ladder.

I'd wake up at 5 am and have Adderall for breakfast.

Then I'd go to a boxing class, and then to hot yoga before work.

And then I'd work a 14 hour day. Leave and down a bottle of wine, maybe pop an ambien or xanax - and repeat.

This was my life day in and day out.

And when I got my dream promotion at Google as an Account Director, everything came crashing down.

Even though I was working at the top agency with the biggest brand in the best city in the world, I felt empty inside.

So I changed my career to work for the marketing team at Bacardi. I traveled across the world in a private jet or business class. Doing multi-million dollar shoots and staying at the company condo in Bermuda. 

This was the perfect distraction for me for a short while. Then after a few months on the global schedule and being on calls all day, all night, I burnt out.

Hi, my name is Francesca Sipma.

So I left and moved to San Francisco to try to do the tech thing. 

To no surprise, I still felt unfulfilled.

SF hit me hard because I realized traveling, working, and partying couldn’t distract me anymore from myself. I just remember thinking,

Read More About My Personal Journey

I finally mustered up the courage to come face-to-face with the internal monologue that left me anxious about how I lived my life.

The voice told me to go to Bali.

Without question, I booked a one-way ticket to Bali and stumbled onto a 7-day Breathwork Retreat.

I never heard of breathwork until that day.

I thought it was a new form of yoga or meditation. It was NOT!

After the first session, I had a breakthrough about my daddy issues that changed my life forever.

"Is this it?"

Read More About My Personal Journey

I’d never received an insight or release like this - even when I tried different practices to fix negative behavior patterns. Like:

•  Talk Therapy
•  Journaling
•  Meditation
•  Yoga

Breathwork was effective from the jump, and this got me hooked. Session, after session, how I developed my identity and coping mechanisms unraveled right in front of me.

Every event, memory, and insight I could possibly have about myself experientially released in real-time.

With breathwork, I could instantly create a connection with my subconscious mind. I was so fascinated I started to travel all around the world to India, Peru, Thailand and back to Bali to study this powerful modality.

Then I had the thought, “If I can quickly access my subconscious mind with breathwork, why not reprogram it?”

At that moment, it clicked. 

Why not add Hypnotherapy into the mix?

So I became a certified hypnotherapist to take full advantage of the accelerated subconscious connection breathwork brings to the table.

And I tested it out on a few handfuls of clients, and it was powerful, but I knew something was missing to create sustainable behavior change.

So, I started deep diving into neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and decided to experiment with adding visualization to help people step into their future selves and change their neurochemistry. The results were remarkable.

This, combined with breathwork, and hypnosis was the missing piece needed to create lasting change.

Change that people would feel and internalize permanently.

Once these 3 things combined, a breakthrough practiced called HypnoBreathwork was created.

I want to show you how to use HypnoBreathwork to clear subconscious blocks and live your life's purpose.

book here

We Use Breakthrough Practice HypnoBreathwork® To Clear Subconscious Blocks And Live Up To Your Full Potential In Career, Wealth, And Relationships… Following Your Life’s True Purpose

Hypnosis + Breathwork + Visualization


And it accelerates trance-induced states and aligns our conscious goals and subconscious motivations! 

The best part about HypnoBreatwork® is that you feel it working within minutes.
That means instead of putting all your time and energy into thinking, "Is this working?"

You'll put all your time and energy into building a lasting foundation of higher self-worth, accessing flow state, and creating a more meaningful impact!

It's more active. Intentional.

Why? Because HypnoBreathwork® stimulates different parts of the brain rather than just quieting it down like meditation and yoga does.

It's a complete solution.

This upgraded self-awareness acts like a catalyst to go deep into your childhood memories, and the events that have shaped your life so... 

We can reshape and break away from negative behavior patterns. 

This is why I used it to help people like YOU find their life’s purpose.

HypnoBreathwork® Supercharges Your Self-Awareness

So, How Does Unblock Your Purpose® Work?

This 12-week online course consists of lessons, HypnoBreathwork® sessions and action exercises to help you build a lasting foundation of high self-worth, access flow state to create meaningful impact and uplevel personal relationships.


The first month is the most important because it builds the foundation for everything you'll do in the coming weeks.

You'll understand how your story and struggles have shaped... what it is you are meant to do... and contribute to the world. 

We’ll unravel and unblock the past to free your intuition and energy to guide you.

The Journey
Healing Your Inner Child
Compassion For Mom
Forgiveness For Dad

Phase 1:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


This month is where we'll begin to dive deep into strengthening your connection to the flow state.

Flow state is optimal consciousness: it's focused energy, concentrated creativity, and peak performance. 

Psychologist Abraham Maslow determined early that high achievers were intrinsically motivated. They are committed to testing their limits and stretching their potential. 

So in Month 2, we'll dive deep into your passion and help you get into flow.

Passion Into Purpose
Connecting Creative Skills
Shadow Work
Abundance Mindset

Phase 2:

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


Our intimate relationships can trigger our deepest wounds. They activate our hearts, insecurities and challenge our capacity to love through fear. 

This month we'll go deep into breaking relationship patterns to creating more intimacy and even teaching you how to transmute sexual energy!

Breaking Relationship Patterns
The Art Of Polarization 
Sex Transmutation

Phase 3:

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Is The Unblock Your Purpose® Course For Everyone?

Yes, this 12-week life-changing course is for everyone.

Why? Because HypnoBreathwork® is for everyone.

Take an hour for self-care and peace…

Understand how to be more patient with your child...

Unlock a new level of creativity...

Be a better mom or dad...

Figure out how to get to the next level of your career...

Be more loving and compassionate to your partner...

Find the real reason why you're alive...

Whether you want to...

The Unblock Your Purpose program is for you.


You will be able to join a live Q/A session with me the last Wednesday of each month  from 3-4pm PST for the duration of the course!

AND Get exclusive access to supportive community for processing and integrating your deep transformation and discovery or purpose together.


Francesca Sipma

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you soon on the inside.