The HypnoBreathwork® Teacher Certification is a 4-day immersive experience to master the process of clearing energetic patterns, reprogramming subconscious beliefs, and taking intuitive action.

Virtual Training: Oct 25-28, 2024



What is

HypnoBreathwork® combines the power of breathwork to clear suppressed emotions and energetic patterns, with hypnosis for visualization and subconscious reprogramming. This optimized process heals unprocessed emotions while rewiring limiting beliefs and automated habits to create sustainable behavior change.

The unique formula accelerates trance-induced states where our brain waves are more suggestible. It allows us to align our conscious goals and subconscious motivations to shift our energy and create the life we want. 

What is 

Breathwork is an experiential therapy using circular, connected breaths to access altered states of consciousness and clear suppressed emotions and stagnant energy from the mind and body.

Breathwork was developed by Stanislav Grof, a clinical psychologist studying LSD in the 1960s. Grof found accelerated breath to evocative music could enter alternate realms of the psyche to explore and heal childhood memories and experiences.

Through increased oxygen and decreased carbon dioxide, we activate different areas of the brain to create new neural pathways for deeper insights and heightened clarity, while dissipating the root of unresolved emotional charges.

Let’s break it down...


“Breathwork is the use of Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing for healing and growth, personal awakening, and transformation in spirit, mind, and body.” - Dan Brule

What is

Hypnosis is a technique using focused awareness in a deep, relaxed state to penetrate the subconscious mind – the source of motivations, habits, behaviors, attitudes, emotions and self-talk.

Hypnotherapy was approved by the American Medical Association since 1958 as an effective, evidence-based solution for stress, behavioral control and self-improvement.

Through guided hypnosis in a trance-like state, we are able to turn attention inward and utilize the natural resources within to replace outdated beliefs, flawed perceptions and unfulfilled values.


What is 

Visioning is allowing your soul's vision to come through rather than your ego’s vision. Our soul's vision can come through with imagery, messages, and downloads and may include cues and clues to know your purpose and future actions. As we take action on the visions, we allow our path to unfold and to live our truth. 


Hypnotherapy + Breathwork + Visioning =

Why? Because HypnoBreathwork® stimulates different parts of the brain rather than just quieting it down like meditation and yoga does.

How? Through releasing energy, accessing memories, and getting to the root of emotional charges we can reprogram and take action. 

A main differentiator of HypnoBreatwork® is that you feel it working within minutes. Instead of putting all your time and energy into thinking, "Is this working?" you'll put all your time and energy into building a lasting foundation of higher self-worth, accessing flow state, and creating a more meaningful impact. 

It's more active and intentional.

Suppressed Emotions + Subconscious Reprogramming  =  Creating the life you want



People Pleasing
Playing Small
Fear of Judgement
Fear of Abandonment
Low Self-Worth

Anxiety & Stress
Fear of Uncertainty

So, what are the benefits of HypnoBreathwork®?


And More...




Clarity & Creativity

Intuition & Self-Trust


Compassion & Forgiveness





"One transformational breathwork session is equivalent to two years of psychotherapy."​

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How to Build and Scale Your Coaching Business

Live Coaching Demo

1:1 and Group Practice

Marketing Strategy

Structure for Course Creation, Virtual, Retreats

4 Days of                               Training includes:



Certification Training

History of Breathwork & Techniques

Understanding of Breath Physiology

HypnoBreathwork® Framework & Principles 

Coaching Fundamentals

4 Guided HypnoBreathwork® Sessions

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Virtual Classes

Experiences immediately upon certification

Corporate Events 

Group Workshops

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Here's what people are saying about working with Francesca...

Claire Baker, Breathwork Coach

"My breathwork sessions now are like breathwork on steroids. They are knock your socks off, life changing experiences and I can really put that down to the weekend I spent learning from Francesca."

Frank Roser, Breathwork Coach

"This is my highest grossing month by far. The masterclass already paid off. Without you I wouldn't do what I do now."

Erin Brady, Breathwork Coach

Ahhhh I just closed my first private client 3-month sessions for $10,000!!!!

Josh Hager, Breathwork Coach

" has just been purchased. developer has been employed. Bringing this to the LGBTQ community!"

Francesca Sipma is a former New Yorker who spent her career in advertising and marketing for top global brands. After 10 years of chasing an insatiable lifestyle, she experienced a radical awakening and went on a quest to find higher purpose. She found herself on a deep self-exploration journey exploring modalities and retreats all over Bali, India and Peru. She became fascinated by the power of breath and subconscious mind as a catalyst into self-awareness to deconstruct childhood conditioning and social programming.

A voracious reader and deeply motivated student, she has been able to utilize the tools she teaches to transcend anxiety, self-doubt, unhealthy relationship patterns, addiction and more. She is passionate about infusing psychology, spirituality and science to guide transformative growth experiences.

Francesca is now a certified breathwork coach and hypnotherapist based in Santa Monica, CA. helping others come into alignment with their highest selves and live more meaningful lives of love and service.

Founder and CEO of HypnoBreathwork®

Francesca Sipma,

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