The Process

Flow State Breathwork® is an innovative method to stimulate group collaboration, productivity & focus.
This is an experiential practice to access altered states of consciousness for extreme clarity, heightened creativity and new neural connections.

The accelerated breath technique to change the balance of oxygen in our body activating different regions of the brain. This stimulates the subconscious mind - make new connections between stored information, past experience, infinite intelligence and inner wisdom. 

Flow State Breathwork® is the ultimate morale boost while generating new energy & concentration!

Flow State Breathwork® corporate workshops start with an introduction on the physiology and technique of breathwork.

Next, we break into a team brainstorm on creative projects and business strategies to bring content and material to the surface.

Then, we go into breathwork 25-minute journey to binaural beats and custom vocal cues for peak states and optimal creativity.

The session ends with a 10-minute meditation and  visualization for integration and action steps.

We conclude with group shares and Q/A.

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